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Cognitively Guide Instruction (CGI)

CGI Goals

  • Elicit student thinking
  • Interpret student thinking
  • Respond to student thinking


UCLA CGI w/ Brandon


CGI Resources and Links

Conferencing Note Samples for Monitoring Student Thinking

Eliciting Student Thinking Sample Prompts

Downey Unified School District CGI Resources (videos, word problems, warm ups, quick images, routines)

CGI Lesson Videos - LAUSD (Coeur d'Alene ES Teachers)

LAUSD Professional Development (CGI, Dr. Megan Franke, and classroom lesson videos)

LD West Cognitively Guide instruction (CGI) Resources

CGI Math Support from Liz Romero, CdA 

Transforming the Task with Number Choice (Grades K-3)

Numberless Word Problems

Choral Counting TEDD.org - Introduce, Prepare,Enact, Analyze


CGI Facilitators

Brandon McMillan, UCLA Mathematics Project - [email protected]

Carolee Koehn Hurtado, Ph.D., Director, UCLA Mathematics Project - [email protected]

Angela Chan, UCLA Mathematics Project - [email protected] 


CGI UCLA / LAUSD Collaborative Resources & Links

Number Sense Warm Ups

Long Term Planning - Year at a Glance

Year at a Glance Calendar

The Year-at-a-Glance tool is designed to assist in planning and making instructional decisions around modifying or making changes to pacing/scope and sequence.


engageny Video Library


engageny / Eureka Math Fluency Through Games


engageny Grades PK-5 Curriculum Map & Guiding Documents

engageny Grades 6-8 Curriculum Map


engageny Grade PK Modules

engageny Kindergarten Modules

engageny Grade 1 Modules

engageny Grade 2 Modules

engageny Grade 3 Modules

engageny Grade 4 Modules

engageny Grade 5 Modules

engageny Grade 6 Modules


Teachers and scholars working with the nonprofit Great Minds created the standards-based math curriculum available at EngageNY.org and at GreatMinds.net. Eureka Math is an enhanced version of that curriculum.

Eureka Math Introductory Video

Eureka Math Preparing to Teach a Module (CLICK Pacing and Preparation Guides)

Eureka Math Video Gallery


Eureka Math Parent Resources


ConnectEd (Treasures / My Math Digital Access )

Directions: ConnectEd Access


My Math support is available 24-7 through online modules for topics ranging from English learners to eAssessments.

To support elementary instruction in mathematics using the primary curriculum of My Math there are brief, 5–10 minutes each, dynamic modules available on nine topics: 

  1. Component Overview
  2. Intervention/Special Education
  3. Advanced/GATE
  4. Bilingual Spanish
  5. ELD Resources
  6. Assessment Opportunities and eAssessment: Classes
  7. Assignments
  8. Reports
  9. Test Generator

Go to: http://achieve.lausd.net/Page/7028 
Scroll to: "My Math Professional Development Facilitated Modules 2015-2016"

For additional information call Katie McGrath, Director, or Lisa Ward, Coordinator, at (213) 241-5333.



Daily CGI number sense warm ups (MP2, MP3, MP7, MP8)

  • Choral Counting
  • Three of These Things
  • How Many Ways
  • True/False Number Sentences
  • Number Talks
  • Number Strings
  • Quick Images

Daily CGI story problems (MP1, MP3, MP4, MP6)

CGI Fridays: Small Group Rotations



  • Multiple DreamBox sessions throughout the week (outside of the daily math block)
  • Students complete at least 1 to 2 lessons each session
  • Goals for weekly completion
  • Track weekly lesson completion


DREAMBOX Recommended Lessons Per Week

  • Gr K: 5-10 lessons per week (about 30-60 min)
  • Gr 1-6: 7-8 lessons per week (about 60-90 min)




(click here)


4th Grade Integrated ELD/Math

This video features Sheila Salley (click here), 4th Grade teacher at Charnock Road Elementary in Local District West, who successfully completed the MMED 2016 Integrated ELD/Math Elementary Teacher Fellowship. The video highlights the essential components of an Integrated ELD/Math Three Phase lesson in addition to three protocols—Three Reads, Math Interview, and Math Summit—designed to support ELs with applying Constructive Conversation Skills as they engage in problem-solving and math discourse.

SBAC Interim Assessment Block (IAB) Resources (3-6)

IAB Resources


Grade 3 Interim Assessment Blocks

  • Operations and Algebraic Thinking (Major Cluster)
  • Number and Operations – Fractions (Major Cluster)
  • Measurement and Data
  • Number and Operations in Base Ten (Major Cluster)
  • Geometry
  • Mathematics Performance Task

Grade 4 Interim Assessment Blocks

  • Operations and Algebraic Thinking (Major Cluster)
  • Number and Operations – Fractions (Major Cluster)
  • Measurement and Data
  • Number and Operations in Base Ten (Major Cluster)
  • Geometry
  • Mathematics Performance Task


Grade 5 Interim Assessment Blocks

  • Operations and Algebraic Thinking
  • Number and Operations – Fractions (Major Cluster)
  • Measurement and Data (Major Cluster)
  • Number and Operations in Base Ten (Major Cluster)
  • Geometry
  • Mathematics Performance Task


CAASPP (California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress) Portal

SBAC Resources

Mathematics Summative Assessment Blueprint


Claims, Targets, and Standard Alignment


Sample Questions

  • ELA & Math Sample Questions (Gr3 - High School)
  • These sample questions illustrate the rigor and complexity of the English language arts and math items and performance tasks that students will encounter on Smarter Balanced assessments.

Mathematics Claim 1 Item Specifications

Mathematics Claim 2 Item Specifications

Mathematics Claim 3 Item Specifications

Mathematics Claim 4 Item Specifications


Mathematics Performance Task Specifications (Design, Development and Scoring Plan)


Development and Design (All Resources)

BEAL: Building Educator Assessment Literacy

Professional Development


Curriculum Maps

Interim Assessments & Resources

Professional Development (CGI, Dr. Megan Franke, and classroom lesson videos)

Depth of Knowledge (DOK)

One book, One Charnock Road


Solving a Math Problem

Leprechaun Traps: Addition Within 100


Local District West Instructional Priorities Timeline

Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP)

Percentage of 2nd Grade Students Meeting Early Literacy Benchmarks

  • 2016-17 77%
  • 2017-18 79%
  • 2018-19 81%

Percentage of Students Who Met or Exceeded Standards in 3rd – 8th and 11th Grade ELA

  • 2016-17 47%
  • 2017-18 50%
  • 2018-19 53%

Percentage of Students Who Met or Exceeded Standards in 3rd – 8th and 11th Grade Math

  • 2016-17 37%
  • 2017-18 40%
  • 2018-19 43%

Percentage of English Learners Who Reclassify as Fluent English Proficient (RFEP)

  • 2016-17 20%
  • 2017-18 22%
  • 2018-19 24%

Percentage of English Learners Who Have Not Reclassified in 5 Years (LTEL)

  • 2016-17 18%
  • 2017-18 16%
  • 2018-19 15%

Percentage of English Learners Making Annual Progress on the CELDT/ELPAC

  • 2016-17 59%
  • 2017-18 64%
  • 2018-19 69%

Percentage of High School Students On-Track for A-G with a “C”

  • 2016-17 48%
  • 2017-18 50%
  • 2018-19 52%

Percent of the class on track for Graduation

  • 2016-17 53%
  • 2017-18 55%
  • 2018-19 57%

Percentage of AP Exam Takers with a Qualifying Score of “3” or Higher

  • 2016-17 42%
  • 2017-18 44%
  • 2018-19 46%